Opportunities in South Korea’s Sustainability and Social Impact Ecosystem

South Korea recently introduced nationwide initiatives to transition into a greener and more sustainable country. Companies listed on the Korea Exchange will soon be required to submit environment, social, and governance (ESG) reports to encourage sustainable business operations and financing. The government also plans to invest 73.4 trillion won (US$65B) in energy-efficient building renovations, renewable energy, and climate-friendly transport options. Such initiatives have created a high market demand for local and foreign startups with tech solutions that promote sustainability.

What are the trends in the environmental and social impact scene in South Korea? Which tech verticals and solutions are gaining traction? How can startups collaborate in this thriving ecosystem?

Join our esteemed panelists Anna Kang, Senior Consultant at Merry Year Social Company, Johnson Penn, Founder of Ecolinks, Maik Reder, Founder & CEO of ANNEA GmbH (#GAstartup), and Kelly Hyunjung Shin, Managing Editor at Stanford Social Innovation Review Korea as they share their experiences on navigating South Korea’s sustainability opportunities, and provide insights as well as tips for German startups to take their first step into the market.


Mabel Fu– Program Director, German Accelerator


Anna Kang – Senior Consultant, Merry Year Social Company

Johnson Penn – Founder, Ecolinks

Maik Reder – Founder & CEO, ANNEA GmbH (#GAstartup)

Kelly Hyunjung Shin – Managing Editor, Stanford Social Innovation Review Korea

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May 20 2021


13:00 - 14:00