NFT: Beyond Digital Art

NFTs are one of the hottest topics in the fintech and blockchain space, but not everyone understands why they’re important, and how they can be used. NFT: Beyond Digital Art aims to inform and explain just what real-world use cases there are for NFTs and how they can bridge art with other sectors, including bespoke ticketing.

Attend this webinar to see Elena Obukhova with guest speakers including Gabriel Cardona breakdown brand new use cases for Non-Fungible Tokens and how they’ll be used not only in art, but other sectors in the future.

  • NFT-collateralized merch
  • Legal docs (drivers license, contracts, etc)
  • Club Membership proof (identity)
  • Censorship-resistant blogging
  • Real estate

The event is finished.


Jul 29 2021


21:00 - 22:30