Legal Tech Founders: The Startup Story

This event follows the stories of two successful startup founders on their journey thus far – from founding a LegalTech startup; to seeking investment; growing the company; developing their product and even exiting a company.

Samuel Smolkin is the CEO and Founder of Office & Dragons – a leading legal tech company with a focus on Transaction Development. Before founding Office & Dragons, Samuel was a Private Equity lawyer at Kirkland & Ellis, where he also spent time on what would become the first version of Office & Dragons.

Jozef Maruščák is the Founder and former CEO of CourtQuant – a leading AI-based legal risk assessment tool. Jozef founded the company when he was still an undergraduate student at the University of `Cambridge and has been recognised for his work in the Forbes under 30 list. Jozef is now the Head of Business Development at

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18:00 - 19:00