Launch a Startup with Simple Code-free Tools

Startup ideas are easier to exercise as technology and venture capitals are becoming more approachable. This leads to a flourishing in the number and quality of startups from college. Successful stories such as Dropbox, Walby Parker and Doordash are both inspiring and enlightening. With further democratization of technology and venture capitals, business ideas burgeoned from classrooms can be even more easily materialized. You can run your startup with code-free tools such as TypeForm, AirTable, Stripe and Zapier along with what you learned from your classrooms such as SQL and Python.

About the Presenters:

Ting Luo is an assistant professor in the Department of Information and Decision Sciences at California State University Fullerton. She earned a PhD in Management Sciences from University of Texas at Dallas.

Yujue Wang is a software engineer at Doordash and previously at Uber. He has a PhD in Computer Sciences from Washington State University.

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May 05 2021


22:00 - 23:30