Investment and Latest Innovations in AgTech

For almost ten years the technology of food product has remained one of the steadiest and fastest growing investment sectors. Despite being a large and crowded field, opportunity abounds in the space as few industry leaders have emerged to dominate many aspects of agtech including data, robotics, automation, soil, biologics and supply chain solutions.

A distinguished panel of venture capitalists will discuss investment in agtech, the future of food production, and what is hot and what is fundable.

The panelists will cover:

  • Which agricultural technologies are the hottest sectors?
  • How has Covid affected the supply chain?
  • Will investment in agtech stay strong?
  • What are the most promising technologies?
  • Which businesses are due for consolidation?
  • What are investors most interested in?

The event is finished.


Jun 08 2021


19:00 - 20:30