Innovation Entrepreneurship Best Practices

Startup Commons is developing innovation entrepreneurship ecosystem best practices webinar series, where we share in more details different types of ecosystem best practices and related applications with target to build the world’s first, open standards based best practices library to support innovation entrepreneurship ecosystem builders and operators globally.

Join the webinar to explore how to develop strategies to bring more equity and inclusion to your ecosystem. Forward Cities is a U.S.-based nonprofit equipping communities and regions to grow and sustain more equitable entrepreneurial ecosystem. Forward Cities core team – Fay Horwitt, President of Forward Cities, Brett Brenton, Senior Director of Learning Networks, and Garrett Raczek, Senior Manager of Special Projects at Forward Cities – will cover the fundamentals around how to ensure equity for every entrepreneur.

This webinar is ideal for all ecosystem stakeholders wishing to reflect on the current systems of support and identify ways in which equity can be advanced through an ecosystem’s: People, Programs, Networks, and Narratives

In the end of the session, there will be Q&A and experiences sharing from other ecosystem actors. Don’t miss it out and book your place!

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May 27 2021


15:00 - 16:00