How To Raise Investment For Your Startup

As an entrepreneur, the most common thing we hear from an investor is: “You just need to make more progress… then maybe I’ll invest.”

This is a trap. Because the longer you are willing to keep bootstrapping, the more you de-risk the investment for the angel/VC. It will never end. And if you look at the people who actually raise money, they often have literally zero traction. You need a way to shift the odds in your favor. Join Blake Smith (who has coached 6 companies to close investment in the past year, and has personally raised $30mil in the past decade) as he walks through a proven and clear process of how to incentivize investors to act quickly so you can close your round and get building.

We’ll specifically cover nuances around COVID/Zoom as the VC culture has changed drastically in the past six months.

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Feb 24 2021


19:00 - 20:00