How to Pitch to Investors and Get Funded/Angel Investor Gary Jinks

Almost all entrepreneurs are seeking funding and want to get funded. However, most entrepreneurs have never taken an idea to market or raised private investment or run a startup or had a successful exit.

Our goal is to accelerate your progress, reduce your risk, and if all works out, share in the success.

This webinar sets the stage and gives you a strategic understanding of the successful startup business model as well as why most startups fail. This will help you understand the critical path and provides the foundation for successfully launching your startup. This webinar is also a great opportunity for entrepreneurs already looking for funding to get an investor view on why you may not be closing the deals.

By attending this webinar, you can begin your journey, get your questions answered, gajn insight from a veteran Silicon Valley investor and become part of a global ecosystem.


1) Why Investors See Your Business Different than You Do

2) Why the Startup Model is Different

3) How the Funding Process Works Today and How It has Changed

4) What You Need Before You Pitch to Investors

5) Pitching and Pitch Decks

6) Talk Like a CEO; How to Think Strategically

7) What is Important to Investors

8) Open Forum: Ask an Investor!

About the Speaker:

Gary Jinks is the founder and managing director of South Valley Angels and an executive level leader with deep expertiss and extensive track record developing high yield innovation ecosystems and building up high growth exit focused start-up ventures. Gary has created, transformed and launched innovation in the Silicon Valley his entire career, from combat vehicles to lifestyle apps. Gary founded GLJ Group in 2005 and has led engineering, strategic direction and, business development for corporate clients resulting in over $300M in new business. In 2010 he shifted complete focus to the startup community, advising over 400 startups, working with the top incubators and investors in the Silicon Valley, launching innovation centers and developing regional ecosystems around the globe. He is a regular speaker, evangelist and lead executive adviser helping clients formulate custom strategies and implementing the next evolution of the startup model, “Startup 3.0 Precision Innovation”.

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Jul 06 2022


22:00 - 00:00