How to Pitch & Raise Over Zoom in a Pandemic: Financing in 2020

As coronavirus concerns will continue to plague the United States in 2021, early stage founders need to know the status of financing by early stage investors and the top tips and tricks to wow your investors virtually.

Startup advisor, Blaine Mathieu, will discuss the advice he provides to his startup clients at Momenta. Such as: how to show growth, traction, and impress investors during a virtual pitch and subsequent online meetings. VC investors, Alexa Binns and Danielle Delancey, will discuss their respective 2020 investment strategies in light of Coronavirus. Such as: how they’ve been meeting with potential portfolio companies, and the best pitch strategies they’ve seen employed by startup founders in 2020. Last, startup lawyer, Lindsey Mignano, will discuss the trends in raising early stage capital in 2020, and how things in the legal sphere have changed after Coronavirus.

The event is finished.


May 28 2022


20:00 - 21:00