How to Manage Your Startup Equity, with Adam Spector & Pulley

Talking about, dividing, and managing startup equity can scare many entrepreneurs, but it is essential for any business that aims to recruit top talent and raise venture capital. Join us for the third event in our “Mastering Startup Operations” series where we will discuss best practices in early-stage startup equity, how to create and manage a cap table, pitfalls to avoid, and more. There will also be a long Q&A portion where we will answer audience questions.

About the Guests:

Adam Spector is a 3x founder, COO, and 40x Seed Angel Investor, having invested in exited companies that include Datalogue, August Smart Lock and more. As the Chief Operations Officer at AbstractOps, Adam and his team “abstracts away” business operations through their operations platform so that Founders and Executives can focus on what matters to them most: product and sales. Join us as Adam shares his expertise to help you with your startup logistics and answers your questions.

Neil Tiwari is a Business Operations Leader at Pulley, a SaaS company that provides equity management for hyper-growth startups. Pulley’s mission is to make it easier for anyone to start a company. We strongly believe that more startups should be created and that founder-led companies are more successful in the long term. With Pulley’s cap table management tools, companies can better understand and optimize their equity. Starting a company is hard enough. Managing a cap table shouldn’t be.

Who Should Attend?

  • Anyone who is launching or thinking about launching a local startup
  • Anyone who wants to learn from local investors, accelerators, co-working spaces, and founders
  • Anyone who wants to learn about the best way to launch and grow a company

The event is finished.


Aug 10 2021


20:00 - 21:00