How to attract and retain talent in your startup

To give you some practical tips on how to find the right talents to fit the needs of your company in addition to retaining them during your growth journey, we have invited Ann-Christine Roope, Founder and Partner at Ethan Partners, a global executive search company focused on the digital space.

She’ll bring in her insights based on her global experience and the work she has done with Ethan Partners working with over 150 successful Internet companies such as Uber and Zalando.

To bring in a case example of talent attraction and retention, we have invited Mattia Riva, CEO of OneDay Group, a business and community builder focused on “Direct-To-Consumer” services for younger generations. Mattia will be sharing examples of their work culture which is the core of everything they do, including examples of how they keep their talents engaged and how they have succeeded in attracting the right talents for OneDay Group. 

Our host of the event will be Lorena Perez, Chief People Officer at Talent Garden, who’ll lead the conversation between Ethan Partners and OneDay Group in addition to bringing in tangible examples from Talent Garden.

Agenda of the event:

  • Opening by our host, Lorena Perez, Chief People officer at Talent Garden
  • 10 golden tips & tricks on how to find, attract and retain talents by Ann-Christine Roope, Founder and Partner at Ethan Partners
  • Case: Mattia Riva, CEO of OneDay Group
  • Panel-discussion with OneDay Group, Talent Garden and Ethan Partners
  • Open Q&A

The event is finished.


Jun 03 2021


18:00 - 19:00