Guide to Fundraising for Startups

What are we covering?:

  1. Overview of various processes & stages involved in Fundraising,
  2. Structures for fundraising including Convertible Note, Loan, Equity, CCPS,
  3. Term sheet, and other terminology of investment.
  4. How to effectively handle negotiations with investors?
  5. Due diligence – What does it mean and what does the process entail?
  6. Understanding the various documents – Share Purchase Agreement; Share Subscription Agreement; Shareholders’ Agreement

– Why should you attend? –

Fundraising is a full-time job for Startup Founders. It is imperative for an entrepreneur to have a sound understanding of all the things one must take care of before going out to score that funding. The right time to engage a lawyer is exactly when you have your first investor confirmed!

The event is finished.


May 23 2022


13:00 - 14:30