Going to new countries: 5 crucial things you need to know

On May 11th, Daria Trokhina, Deputy CMO at Rocket Delivery will share with you her knowledge about:

  • Communication strategy: how to speak to your clients to grow a business 10 times in a year.
  • Growth modeling: defining goals and metrics to build successful business in a new market.
  • Marketing channels: how to choose the right marketing instruments to be heard by clients.
  • Product marketing: is it possible to grow fast without collaboration with a product team?
  • Analytics: what data will tell everything about your business health. Cohorts, Post-View analysis, RFM and everything you should know about them.

Daria has 7 years of experience in marketing. She started her career from an internet marketing agency Netpeak as a PPC Specialist. In Netpeak she was creating marketing strategies and implementing them to projects from various areas and with various types of customers’ journeys.

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May 11 2021


17:00 - 18:00