Foodtech in 2021

The global food system is broken. The market is flooded with food negatively impacting our health (20% of children have obesity). Additionally, the food industry is responsible for approximately 25% of GHG emissions when at the same time 17% of produced food is being wasted. The Foodtech sector is growing rapidly to take on this challenge and provide transparency, traceability, and healthier and more sustainable alternatives.

Tune in and learn from Foodtech founders about how to tackle one of our society’s biggest problems and revolutionize the food industry. What are the future trends in the Foodtech space? Who are the key players? And what are the opportunities and challenges?

About the Speakers

  • Emil Andersen, CEO and Co-founder of Planteslagterne. Emil has a successful track-record from both the corporate and startup world ranging from leading a finance team in Singapore for an MNC to being responsible for building financial products for a tech startup. In 2018, he co-founded the Foodtech startup Planteslagterne, which provides healthy and delicious plant-based food products.
  • Michael Haase, CEO and Founder of Plant Jammer. Copenhagen based Foodtech startup Plant Jammer provides an AI-driven cooking assistant app educating and inspiring people to eat more healthy and sustainably. Plant Jammer won several awards within the Foodtech and AI scene. Before starting Plant Jammer, Michael was responsible for business development at Novozymes and worked at McKinsey.
  • Marie-Louise Dahl, Co-Founder of Lunch.Co, a Stockholm-based startup providing a marketplace-app to facilitate buying and selling of home-cooked meals in the workplace. Marie-Louise is passionate about food and sustainability and leverages her technology skills acquired at Google and in consulting to develop global solutions to reach the UN SDGs.
  • Anders Hammarbäck, Partner at Antler. Anders is an entrepreneur and leader with a sincere passion for growth, heading up Antler’s Stockholm operations. After some formative years with McKinsey, he gained significant experience from different industries, such as fintech, education, telecom and banking.

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May 11 2021


13:00 - 14:00