Financial Model: what do VC want to see

This Online Masterclass will be excellent for startup founders who plan to fundraise.

What you will learn:


📍What is Financial Model? Where to start?

📍Basic structure of the financial model

📍Principles of working with the financial model

📍The main mistakes when working with the financial model

📍Financial metrics

📍Key terms and their application

📍Q&A session



Anna Magiera, Senior Partner, Startups & Venture Business

Anna has got extensive corporate, venture, and startup experience as well as a vast network in the CEE region.   Her key areas of expertise are operational and financial management, project management, performance improvement, investment analysis, due diligence, strategic planning. Anna has mentored over 50 teams and audited more than 100 startups.

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May 23 2022


17:00 - 18:30