Discover the 10 Major Mistakes Non-technical Founders Make When Starting Up

Join Kay for this online masterclass for aspiring and early-stage entrepreneurs. During this free training, she will be revealing the top 10 issues she has identified from her work with 100s of non-technical founders around the world.

What will you learn?

  • The key things non-technical founders are completely unaware of when they start their tech-driven businesses
  • How to avoid the biggest mistakes that new founders make that jeopardize their progress, and often lead to problems and failure
  • The biggest pitfalls that tech founders fall straight into when they try to build tech startup businesses from scratch
  • The key things you must know to stop your tech startup dream from turning into a “horror story
  • The essential things you’ll need to do to start your business the SMART way and put your startup venture on the right track to becoming a success story

Kay Kukoyi CSM FITOL is a global tech startup mentor, author, and lecturer in technology and entrepreneurship who has worked with founders in 13 countries across 6 continents.

She is the CEO & founder of the business, technology, and training consultancy, Purposeful Group. Purposeful Group supports people developing entrepreneurship, technology, and digital skills through its international community and center for learning.

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Aug 04 2021


20:30 - 22:00