Designing Products that Customers Want

In light of the ongoing Movement Control Order (MCO) and MaGIC’s recent survey having conclusive data that only 2.9% of start-ups are confident in surviving through MCO – MaGIC will be bringing you its Webinar series, a platform for online live sessions with industry experts and entrepreneurs to shed light on the various ways to strategise and thrive in a time of crisis, such as the one brought about by the COVID-19.

Each topic in the series will dive into the different areas of business and offer tools and insights for business sustainability, followed by a Q&A session. We at MaGIC will strive to provide a platform of support for our entrepreneurs as best we can.


The first step in building or growing your business is to create an attractive business concept. A business concept is the foundation of a business and the reason for its existence. It’s the compass pointing you in the right direction, describing the challenges you’re trying to solve and your unique value proposition.


  1. Get the right business idea
  2. Design the right product portfolio
  3. Sell to the right customers using the right revenue model
  4. Maintain a strong market position

The event is finished.


Jul 16 2021


10:00 - 11:00