CTO Stories: Going Public

In our webinar, we’ll discuss why an IPO is about more than just selling stock and how to approach the journey the right way. Our guest speaker, Jonathan Lister Parsons, co-founder and CTO at PensionBee — a leading online pension provider that recently made a £365m IPO debut — will share his tried-and-true tips for leveraging this incredible window of opportunity to the fullest.

We’ll also cover:

  • Essential steps to prepare for an IPO
  • IPO success factors and challenges
  • The role and potential contribution of CTO to the process


Glyn Roberts, CTO of Digital Solutions iTechArt

Glyn has 16 years’ expertise in delivering software projects and leading technology teams. He’s an active member of the global tech community (CTO Craft, CTO Connection) as well as a professional speaker, group facilitator, and official member of Forbes Technology Council.

Jonathan Lister Parsons, Co-founder and CTO PensionBee

Jonathan has over 15 years of IT Operations and digital related experience. As Co-Founder and CTO at PensionBee, Jonathan Lister Parsons has led the company from its creation through to going public on the London Stock Exchange.

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May 28 2021


19:00 - 19:30