Commercializing Your Cleantech Startup

The best form of capital for your startup is non-dilutive capital from an amazing investor base called, Customers. Many startups only think about finding equity investors, but due to the capital costs of many clean energy solutions startups need to focus on project financing in the form of sales from early adopters.

In this workshop, we will review the Market Acceleration Program (MXP), an online resource that was initially developed for B2B SaaS startups in the portfolio of a Silicon Valle Venture Capital fund, GrowthX. Since then the program has been used across industries since it is exclusively focused on customers and sales. The methodologies and techniques are amazing in their simplicity and execution.

This workshop will exclusively focus on the commercialization of cleantech startups. After all the only way to accelerate the energy transition will be to build it at scale. Which will require profitable businesses serving value to their customers through their growing teams.

Companies that have leveraged the MXP Online framework have seen a 4-10X increase in revenue and contract value and a 50% reduction in sales cycles. Whether you are trying to shorten your sales cycle, grow your customer base, or get your first pilot project this program will help your business grow. Once they have built a sustainable revenue engine, they will be able to protect their runway, grow revenue and attract the right investors.

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Jul 15 2021


22:00 - 23:00