Careers in Startups (Engineering)

If you are an engineering student, join us to hear about career paths and opportunities in the startup space through a panel discussion and Q&A session featuring prominent software engineers and developers from various Melbourne startups.

The panel discussion will be centered around topics such as what it is like to work at startups of different sizes and stages as an engineer and the dynamic nature of work in startups. This is a rare opportunity for students to have a glimpse into what a career working in startups could mean for them and the job opportunities in startups that Engineering students may not know exist. We will hear from a panel of varying technical roles and extensive software and engineering experience to illustrate how different students can fit into the world of startups.

Through this interactive and engaging panel discussion, we aim to educate students on the highly rewarding and dynamic work that a career in startups can lead to. Students will have the opportunity to ask questions and network with the panelists during this intimate event. You can also ask questions regarding career advice, job opportunities and any other question relating to engineering.

The event is finished.


Aug 17 2021


10:30 - 11:30