Build Your Startup Financial Model and Get Funded/Investor Gary Jinks

For entrepreneurs, financials are key to readiness and fundability. Logical and complete financials are the single most important document investors want to see. As much as investors want to change the world, making money is still the No. 1 priority for most of them.

The speaker will walk you step by step through a framework to organize a logical method to build your five-year, month by month financial projections, You will learn how to build a clear road map to exit along with cost model and revenue projections.

Come with your planning and financial questions so we can address them in real time.


1) Build Your Strategic Plan from Inception to Exit

2) Establishing Milestones

3) Investor Alignment

4) Metrics: How to Measure What’s Important

5) Build your Financial Model

6) The Importance of Your Assumptions and Logic

7) Understanding Resource Allocation

8) Open Forum “Ask an Investor”

The event is finished.


Jul 06 2022


22:00 - 23:30