Analyst? Engineer? Scientist? Roles in industry and startups

How to find the best 2nd and 3rd data role in a rapidly evolving and increasingly specialized data economy? Enhance your career with insights from the AI Guild.

This workshop offers you the following

  • How to find the right role for you among the emerging specialized roles in e.g. data engineering, data analytics, data science, machine learning, and deep learning.
  • Pragmatic advice on handling your CV and skills profile for your next role.
  • Orientation on the labor market, what employers miss most, and which #aisusecase are winning.

Our special guest is Johanna Viktor

Johanna is a Data Scientist with an engineering background working for industrial corporates for 8+ years. Her focus is on using ML to drive projects for efficiency gains. She is experienced in running large international projects preparing data infrastructures and delivering proof-of-concept. She is fluent in Chinese, English, and German.

Target participants

Talents looking for a 2nd or 3rd role in the field. You typically will have some experience already – and possibly up to 4 years in the field.

If you are looking for a first role you are likely to enjoy analytical thinking and have experience in Python or R and the relevant libraries. Also, if you are looking for a career change, then your background may well be in e.g. related data professions (like BI) or software engineering, or a data-intensive Ph.D. in a STEM discipline.


  • 1000+ high-potential talents converted to data careers by AI Guild members as e.g. company trainers, online mentors, bootcamp instructors, hiring managers.
  • 150+ AI Guild leaders in the field, e.g. bootcamp directors, university professors, technical leads, business architects, startup founders, industry CxO.
  • The AI Guild community with 800+ members.

Your hosts

Dânia Meira is a Senior expert and mathematician in the data field since 2012 with a Data Science career in Berlin startups where her work focused on ML for predictive analytics. She is also an experienced teacher and mentor. Dânia is the head of #datalift and also a Founding member of the AI Guild.

Chris Armbruster designed and ran logfile analysis as the web was scaling (2008-2012); is an ex-bootcamp director, and runs the campaign 10,000 Data Scientists for Europe. Chris is the head of #datacareer and also a Founding member of the AI Guild.

The event is finished.


May 03 2021


20:00 - 21:30