An inside view on how early-stage VCs make investment decisions

“You’re too early for us!” Almost every entrepreneur hears this from investors, even after your KPIs and industry matched their investment thesis.

The real reason is something else and investors often use such generic statements to pass on opportunities.

The intricacies of how VC funds are structured and operated is one of the determining factors affecting investment decisions. Fundraising in a nutshell is selling your business idea to investors. Before you sell anything, you have to know the pain points of your customers. Hence, it is vital to understand the pain points of investors and how they think before making investment decisions.

Join Gautam Kumar, Partner at Inbond Tech to understand how VC funds work and make investment decisions. In this event Gautam will shed light on the structure of VC funds, their portfolio strategies and how early-stage startups are evaluated.

In this talk you will learn:

  • Structure of venture capital funds
  • The VC investment process
  • The questions VCs ask themselves while evaluating an investment opportunity.

About Gautam

Gautam is a founding partner of Inbond Tech, a growth studio based in France and Germany focusing on pre-seed to seed SaaS B2B companies. Prior to founding Inbond Tech, Gautam had cross functional roles in fund management, dealflow generation and portfolio management at Quake Capital Partners and Multiple Capital. Besides venture capital, Gautam was a content strategist at Kushim where he grew the revenue by 10x in less than six months.

He leverages his operational and venture capital experience to back ambitious founders achieve their next round of funding and growth. He is also an active mentor at WeWork Labs and loves blogging about all things related to venture capital and growth.

About SeedReady™

SeedReady™ is a startup acceleration platform, supporting early stage founders from turning great ideas into successful digital businesses.

We believe that founders should focus their efforts on testing and building fundamental aspects of a growth business without needing to relocate to a new city or country, and without giving away equity in their new venture.

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Apr 19 2021


14:00 - 15:00