AI Startup Journey: How to raise capital

Artificial Intelligence was the fastest growing area of business for startups. The 2018 Startup Muster report finds that AI is the biggest startup industry in Australia, having grown from 14.5 per cent of startups in 2017 to 20.6 per cent of startups in 2018.That said, not every AI startup has what it takes to secure an investment and scale to success. So, what do venture capitalists look for when considering an investment in an AI company? Founders and entrepreneurs with an AI-related idea who are serious about raising capital should have a thorough understanding of the AI landscape, including what options are available, best practices and what to expect through the process.

This Capital Raise Event will help you become investor ready and help uncover the biggest challenges AI startups have when pitching to investors.

Join the conversation with AI Venture’s event on Wednesday 23rd September at 5pm with our panelists of VCs, Founders and Investors. Hear from the other side of the investment coin and gain insights into the capital raising process and what to look for when working with investors.

We’ll explore all areas and process of raising capital, in particular for early stage AI startup founders. Our experts will discuss topics including:

  • Who is investing in early stage AI-based Startups?
  • How COVID-19 impacted investment in Australia
  • Trends in AI Investment
  • Investors Relations: Best practices, Differences between AI Investors and VCs,
  • Common pitfalls, insights and tips during early-stage funding

The event is finished.


Jul 06 2022


10:00 - 11:00