Seed Forum Global



Startup Accelerator of the next generation operating in more than 40 countries

During acceleration, we provide startups with professional training from leading European and global experts, as well as access to a huge network of angel investors and experts, which allows you to bring the product to both the Norwegian and British markets, or scale even in Singapore or Australia. In combination with iHUB, which provides the most progressive Ukrainian community and expertise and serves as the center of our startups, we create an unsurpassed individual program for each startup and provide them with ongoing support.

Our mission:

To form a generation of company founders who can think boldly and on a large scale, believe in their strength, work for the future and create a value driver.

Specifics of our program:

In our acceleration program, we focused on the 4 main pillars of the startup’s development in the seed and pre-seed stages: business concept, financial performance, investment memorandum, market entry and fundraising. Given that our trainers and experts are serial entrepreneurs and business angels from more than 50 countries, during the creation of our program we focused on the online format from the very beginning, making it an ideal solution for participants.

2 goals that we set for our startups during our acceleration:

  1. Entering the market and getting the first customer who pays and / or expanding the number of customers.
  2. Get at least 50% of the required amount of investment.