iHUB powered by NUMA

ACCELERATOR International Startup Builder


We prepare Founders and teams for change and successful entry into the US market

About us

Based in Paris and New York, the NUMA team is made up of business experts and experienced designers who pass on best practices to startups, corporate teams through digital technology, community experience and accelerator applications, and iHUB is a hub for startups and technology companies, player of the innovation ecosystem of Ukraine.

Our virtual Acceleration Program allows Ukrainian early-stage and growth-stage startups to expand and scale in the US market, through mentoring, personal training, and “warm” acquaintances with leading corporations, entrepreneurs, and investors in New York and the United States.

We do not just teach startups, we form in them the worldview of the entrepreneur of the future, equip them with the necessary skills and tools so that they can win their place in the market. During three weeks you will communicate in 1-1 meetings with successful entrepreneurs and mentors, present your ideas to experienced investors, as well as undergo a series of practical training sessions.

About us in numbers

  • 10,000+ managers trained
  • 600+ startups are accelerated
  • 500+ coaches and mentors
  • 1,500+ events were held
  • 350+ startups of coworking residents
  • 65,000+ people in the community
  • 40+ million investment in our startups
  • 4 coworking spaces