Baltic Sandbox


Baltic Sandbox is a long term acceleration partner for the Eastern European startups seeking the transition to the Western European markets. We are working with startups that work with science, the circular economy, sustainability and the digital economy. Over the course of 36 months we screened over 1200 startups, invested in 26 early-stage startups, 10 of them raised over €5M in total over the last 18 months and generated over €3.5M in revenue At Baltic Sandbox, we believe that female-founded or co-founded startups need additional support to overwhelm the growing inequality and take their place in the sun. To change the gender diversity in CEE startups and venture capital, we are building a Women in Tech community, including educational programs for female-founded startups and female Business Angel leaders, empowering women to build and invest in Tech. Female founders care more about the impact and sustainability of their products, and we see it as an opportunity to build a better world for all of us. The Women in Tech program aims to encourage and support women as entrepreneurs within Tech and IT solution markets. The program is designed to bring the solutions and products of the Ukrainian female-founded and co-founded startups to the European market and help them go worldwide.